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Name your Children with Good Names

Sayyiduna Abud Dardaa’ (Radiyallahu Anhu) reports that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said: “You will be called on the day of Qiyamah by your names and the names of your fathers, so keep good names” (Abu Dawood, Hadith #:4948)   The above Hadith emphasizes that parents should give good Islamic names to their children. A good name is that which has ...

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Have You Spoken to Your Child Today?

Have you had a meaningful conversation together? Do you know what your child accomplished today, how he may be feeling, whether or not he has any concerns? Does your child know that you care about him?In Islaam, the ties of kinship and family are very strong and something that will always be present throughout our lifetime. There are very serious ...

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Our Parents

Take care of your parents. A simple man tells how his booking an air ticket for his father, his First flight, brought emotions and made him realize that how much we all Take for granted when it comes to our parents. My parents left for our native place on Thursday and we went to the Airport to see them off. ...

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How a Pearl Protects itself

How a Pearl Protects Itself: A Khutbah for the Muslim Women By Muhammad Al-Shareef When news of the Christian army that had prepared on the horizons to wipe out Islam reached him, Abu Qudaamah Ash-Shaamee moved quickly to the Mimbar of the Masjid. In a powerful and emotional speech, Abu Qudaamah ignited the desire of the community to defend their ...

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Dressing Today

Every human is born with several basic needs. Among them is the need for clothing. To cover one’s body is not just a need; it is part of human nature that a person wants to conceal parts of his body from others. Nevertheless, despite being a natural urge to clothe oneself, the Shariah has provided extensive guidelines in this regard. ...

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