Monday , 25 June 2018
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Easter Celebrations

If anything is reminiscent of Easter, then it is of shops filled with chocolate bunnies, eggs and hot cross buns. For many of us it may simply be a time to indulge in these goodies but what really is the meaning of all these things and should we be indulging?

The BBC states the following: “Easter is the most important festival in the Christian calendar. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, three days after he was executed.”

According to Christian belief, Good Friday commemorates the Friday on which Jesus was killed on the cross and the next Monday commemorates the day he was resurrected.

It is important for us and especially our children who may be exposed to Christian beliefs at schools to know the true Islamic beliefs surrounding this issue.

Firstly, Allah is One, Eternal and Absolute. Neither does he have a son, nor does he die and subsequently be resurrected.

Secondly, Hazrat Esa Alayhis Salaam (Jesus in English) was one of foremost prophets of Allah. His message, as was the message of all prophets before him, was to worship Allah alone and to submit to His will.

Thirdly, neither was Hazrat Esa Alayhis Salaam killed nor crucified. Allah Ta’ala protected him and raised him to the heavens where he currently resides. When Qiyaamah nears, Allah will once again send him to this world, where he will complete his earthly lifespan and fulfill his role in establishing Islam on the earth.

These are integral beliefs of a Muslim. Ensuring our and our children’s education regarding the same are essential requirements of Imaan.