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In “The Heavenly Sign” written in 1892, on page twenty-eight Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, intertwining a prophecy of Shāh Ni’matullāh-i Walī  says,

“…I was commanded, through a specific revelation, to call the people to Allah, in the fortieth year of my life, and I was given the glad tidings that I will live up to eighty years or thereabout. In view of this revelation, the tenure of my prophetic mission will extend to forty years out of which ten full years have already passed…”

At the time he wrote this in 1892, he was fifty years old in accordance with the quote above. Ten years of his prophesised forty year prophetic mission had passed. He therefore had another thirty years to preach to complete the tenure of his mission and fulfil the prophecy he made in “The Heavenly Sign”.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the “Prophet”, “Mahdi” and “Messiah” of Ahmadiyya died on the 26th of May 1908 (Tadhkirah, Page VII) at the age of sixty-six in accordance with the quote above. This period covered a mere twenty-six years of the prophesised forty years.

He fell an astounding fourteen years short of his prophecy. Yet he states “…the elect of God are to be recognized by their prophecies because prophecies are the crucial criteria decreed by God Himself.” (Lecture Ludhiana, Page 11).  He was no doubt one of the false prophets we were forewarned about by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) when he said “…there would arise about thirty impostors, liars, and each one of them would claim that he is a Messenger of Allah.” (Sahih Muslim, Book 041, Number 6988)

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