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Illegal Parking!

He screeches round the last bend in a flurry, hastily jumps out of his car, not lending the slightest thought to how or where he parked his car, and scurries to make it for the last Rakaat.
Sometimes it’s ignorance, sometimes it’s negligence and sometimes it’s sheer attitude. Inconsiderate parking has become a serious problem at many Masjids and public programmes. The seriousness of this wrong is often overlooked because a person is under the pretext that he has come to perform Salaah or partake in a Deeni programme. Inconveniencing others in any way is a grave sin, which the Holy Quran and Hadith have addressed, in strong terms. Irrespective of how lofty an Ibaadah (form of worship) may be, inconveniencing the next person in its fulfilment is unacceptable.
The problem of inconsiderate parking has been the cause of many disputes, fuelling enmity and hatred within society. In remedying the situation, the following points must be considered when parking:
  • If I remain in the Masjid longer than usual then my vehicle should not be obstructing or inconveniencing anyone.
  • If I arrive late for Salaah, I should ensure my vehicle is appropriately parked before entering the Masjid.
  • I will not park illegally, in front of a driveway or partly protruding onto the road and obstructing traffic.
In one Hadith, Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam has declared, “The best person is he who has the most noble character.” A noble character primarily entails showing kindness and affection to others and not causing the slightest difficulty or inconvenience to anyone.
May Allah Ta’ala grant us the true understanding of Deen, Aameen.

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