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Islam is for Everybody

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Every other Prophet was sent only to his people, whereas I have been sent to all mankind.” [Sahih Bukhari]

Due to the attacks of the Mongols, a family of Ulema emigrated from Bokhara and settled in the Chinese town of Katak, somewhere near Lop. The pious scholar saint of the fourteenth century named Jalal-ud-Deen was the head of this family.

Most of the inhabitants of Katak were idol worshippers. For many years Jalal-ud-Din called the people to Islam and those who responded to his preaching came to be known as Katakis. But most of Katak’s inhabitants were obstinate in their ways and not only rejected Jalal-ud-Deen’s calls for reform but harassed the Muslims too.

One night Jalal-ud-Deen heard a voice in his dream saying: “Oh Jalal-ud-Deen! These people have transgressed all bounds in their disobedience of Allah. They are now going to be punished. So leave this place.”

When he awoke, Jalal-ud-Deen asked all the Muslims of Katak to leave it and along with his family and an old servant he left too. They had barely moved out when a sand storm hit the town and buried its inhabitants in it.

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