Monday , 25 June 2018
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Mobile Addiction

Ramadaan is a month wherein we train our inner selves to comply and submit to the commands of Allah Ta’ala. We refrain from the what is normally Halaal for His pleasure thereby building the aptitude to stay away from what is Makrooh and Haraam.
With the advent of Ramadaan we feel within ourselves a change, a revolution, an automatic inclination to increase in virtue and refrain from vice. It then follows naturally that many people choose Ramadaan as a starting point for kicking bad habits and addictions out of their lives.
One of the greatest addictions of the modern age is the addiction to the cell phone. It has become for many people a life companion and an inseparable partner.
There are many a spouse who wish to trade places with their spouse’s cell phone due to the constant attention it receives. This is no wonder as an increasing number of people  make their cell phones the last thing they see at night, the first thing in the morning, on the dining table, at work and even in the toilet.
While this type of behaviour is problematic, it is only the tip of the iceberg. The content that is accessed on the phone is the real problem. Our phones are gateways to information, good and bad. What we are sadly witnessing is that the bad is accessed far more than the good. Flaunting our personal lives on social media, chatting and flirting with opposite gender and the constant watching of pornography have become a part of the daily schedule.
The situation has become so bad that even the Masjids are not safe. It has been witnessed in many Masjids that during the Taraweeh Salaah, there are youths sitting at the back of the Masjid sharing and viewing pornographic material.
We must strive to arrest this behaviour for our own salvation and that of our families. Use Ramadaan as a catalyst to break the grip cell phones exercise over our lives. Delete the filth from our phones. Uninstall the games and apps that are not essential and leave the phones at home when we go to the Masjid. Every home should have a basket where every member of the family leaves his phone while he is attending the Masjid.
Ramadaan is the month to improve ourselves in all that is good. Disconnect yourself from your phones and you will experience more fulfilment at home, at work and most importantly in your relationship with  Allah.

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