Wednesday , 18 July 2018
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Eid – A blessed gift scarred by mockery

It’s been months in the planning. The exotic fabrics specially imported from Dubai, Swarovski crystals of every shape and colour, ready to line a designer abaya to leave you breathless. The fancy cars line the road around the sanctuary. From Aston Martins to BMW’s, Mercedes AMG’s and even the latest Ferrari and Lamborghini glow in the beautiful sunshine. The show ...

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Mobile Addiction

Ramadaan is a month wherein we train our inner selves to comply and submit to the commands of Allah Ta’ala. We refrain from the what is normally Halaal for His pleasure thereby building the aptitude to stay away from what is Makrooh and Haraam. With the advent of Ramadaan we feel within ourselves a change, a revolution, an automatic inclination ...

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Start a fresh

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “The person who fasts with a perfect sense of devotion to faith and Ihtisaab (sense of accountability), will have Allah pardon all the sins which he committed in his life.” [Bukhari]   The wonderful reward of fasting for Allah’s sake is to have one’s entire record of sins erased. What ...

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Blessed Month

The most blessed time of Ramadan is approaching; the showers of mercy and blessings are heaped on the believers during the last ten nights of Ramadan. It is time to put more effort and be more dedicated. It is a golden chance for those who were careless in the past days of Ramadan to make up and get a great ...

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