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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad made many claims during his life. At one stage he even said, “I have the same belief as that of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jammah”. But one truth he did state was that “…writings of a truthful and clear-conscience person never contain any contradictions.”

However, his work is full of contradictions. For example, he claims “I am (not) a claimant of prophethood” and yet he states “I am prophet”. He claims “once I leave this life, no Messiah will appear after me” and yet he states “more than ten thousand Messiahs can come (after me).” He claims “…it was disclosed to me plainly through revelation that I am… the last Mahdi” and yet he states “several Mahdis may have come before and will possibly come in the future as well”. He claims “…this is how some individuals (among the Muslims), despite being ummati, have earned the title of ‘Prophet’” yet he states among the Muslims, “…I alone have been bestowed the title of Prophet and no one else has deserved it.”

There are numerous inconsistencies and contradictions in his work that we cannot list them all here. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad himself sums this up when he says, “…writings of liars compulsorily contain contradictions” and his body of work exemplifies his statement.

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