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Witr Namaz

The Namaz of Witr is Wajib and if for some reason it has not beer prayed during it’s allocated time then it’s Qaza is also Wajib [Alamgiri, Hidaya]. Witr Namaz contains three Rakaat to be performed with one Salaam, the same as the Maghrib Namaz. The first Qaidah is Wajib, meaning after two Rakaats you must

sit down and only pray Attahiyat and then stand back up and pray Alhamdo and a Surat and then lift both hands upto the ear lobes and whilst saying Allaho Akbar fold them again and pray ‘Dua-e-Kunoot’. After praying Dua-e-Kunoot perform Rukooh and finish the Namaz as normal.

•Rule: It is Wajib to pray Dua-e-Kunoot and it is not Wajib to pray any specific Dua, however, it is better to pray those Duas which have been mentioned in the Hadiths. The most common one is as follows;

•”Allahumma Inna Nasta’inuka Wa Nastaghfiruka Wa Nu’Minu Beka Wana Tawwakkalu Alaika Wanusni Alaikal Khair Wa Nashkuruka Walaa Nakfuruka Wa Nakhla’u Wanatruku Mayyaf Juruka. Allahumma iyyakana’budu Walaka Nusalli Wanasjudu Wa ilaka Nas’aa Wanahfidu Wanarju Rahamataka Wa Nakhsha Azaabaka inna Azaabaka BilKuffari Mulhiq”.

•Rule: Those who cannot, pray Dua-e-Kunoot, should pray this;

•”Rabbana Aatina Fiddunya Hasanataw Wafil Aakhirati Hasanataw Wa Qina Azaaban Naar” and those who cannot pray this should pray “Allahummagh Firli” three times [Alamgiri].

•Rule: Dua-e-Kunoot should always be prayed quietly, whether it be the Imaam or a Muqtadee or a Munfarid, whether it be the month of Ramadan or other days, whether it be Ada or Qaza [Radd-ul-Mohtar].

•Rule: Except for Witr, do not pray Dua-e-Kunoot in any other Namaz. However, if there is a serious difficulty or incident then you can pray it in Fajr also. The way to pray it in Fajr is the same as Witr except for it is done in the second Rakat [Durr-e-Mukhtar, Bahar etc.].

•Rule: If you forget to sit in the first Qaidah then you are not allowed to sit back down, but you should continue and perform Sijdah-e-Sahoo at the end. If you forget to pray Kunoot and you go into the Rukooh then do not pray it in the Rukooh nor return to the Qayam position, but continue your Namaz as normal and perform Sijdah-e-Sahoo at the end and the Namaz will count. In Witr the Qiraayat is obligatory in all three Rakats and to join a Surat after Alhamdo is Wajib.

•Rule: It is better if you pray ‘Sabbihismi Rabbikal Aalaa’ or ‘Inna Anzalna’ in the first Rakat and in the second ‘QuI Yaa Ayyuhal Kafiroon’ and in the third ‘QuI Huwallah Ho Ahad’ and sometimes pray other Surats.

•Rule: The Namaz of Witr cannot be prayed whilst sitting down or on a cavalcade (item used for travelling e.g. horse, car, camel etc.) without a real reason [Durr-e-Mukhtar etc.].

•Rule: For a Sahib-e-Tarteeb who is aware that he has not yet prayed the Namaz of Witr and during the Fajr time he prayed the Fajr Namaz and there is enough time for him to pray the Qaza of Witr and then he must pray the Fajr Namaz again, then his first Fajr will not count whether it be during the beginning time, middle or near the end time of Fajr [Durr-e-Mukhtar, Bahar].

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